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Our Purpose


Transformation Through Literacy (TTL), to provide educational opportunities and ensure academic success for all students.


A world in which all children can obtain quality education, reach their full potential and contribute to their community and the world.

How We Work


Located in the heart of the twin cities, we are engaging communities in the North and Northwest Minneapolis area. TTL work with parents and students on best practices to advocates for tools, and resources to ensure equitable educational outcomes. Our civic engagement and leadership development practices strive to close the achievement gap for students in the African Diaspora. 

About Us

 Transformation Through Literacy (TTL), a non-profit founded in 2014 by Rolanda DeShield, a passionate educator who believes when individuals are provided with educational opportunities, their lives are transformed. They become self-reliant, develop the capacity, and skills to improve their lives. and contribute to their community. TTL was founded to transform lives through education.

Why We Are Here

 Transformation Through Literacy (TTL), is here to develop academic enrichment programs and improve the quality of education by providing resources and support to individuals, students, families, and educational programs.

Who We Serve

Transformation Through Literacy (TTL) is serving locally, parents and youth in the North, and Northwest Suburbs. Internationally we support the parents and students in Liberia, Liberia has the largest number of students in the world missing out on primary education.